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Group For Law and

international arbitration and legal advice

Mission and Objectives
Our goals are to provide high quality legal services with professional performance, in order to be an essential part of success of each clients', and we also seek to establish long-term relationships with our clients, in addition to providing the best solutions for their legal needs. 

who are we?

Dr. Nayef bin Saleh Al-Kharboush Group for Law and International Arbitration is one of the leading groups in the legal profession in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The work team consists of a distinguished elite of professional cadres of lawyers and consultants in various legal and Sharia disciplines. The group provides legal services with high quality and professional performance that serve companies and governmental and private sectors , and the sectors of businessmen and individuals.
The group has maintained a track record in the completion of legal work within a specialized legal and legitimate work team.
The group is considered one of the leading and fastest growing groups in the legal profession and legal advice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the group provides legal advice, preparation of legal and strategic studies, drawing up contracts and expressing specialized legal opinions in the areas of governance, privatization, intellectual property, investment, financing, financial and real estate funds, banks, e-commerce and patents industrial models, mergers and acquisitions.
- The group provides its legal services through its headquarters in the Riyadh region, and its service extends to all regions of the Kingdom.
- The group obtained the license of the General Administration of Law and the Ministry of Justice No. 38/400.
- The membership of the legal Establishment from the Saudi Bar Association No. 471227.

Why us?
Local experience according to international standards.
Comprehensive electronic management for the completion of legal projects.
Detailed automatic reports on time. 

Legal services

Promoting of foreign companies
We provide you with legal information that helps in the correct selection of the type of foreign companies and their branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and then we carry out on your behalf the steps of promotion, preparation, review and amendment of the decisions of the partners. 

Division and Settlement of successions
The office, on behalf of the heirs, performs all legal procedures and actions necessary to settlement successions, by consent or forcibly, inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and distributes them to those who are entitled, according to the Sharia shares. 

Electronic management of legal advice
Legal advisors answer legal advice according to a consistent methodology in studying and providing legal advice and exerting effort and care in order to reach correct results. 

Lawyers perform legal representation on behalf of companies, institutions and individuals, by pleading and defending before all courts and quasi-judicial committees. Lawyers are also characterized by experience, knowledge, continuous learning and attention to the smallest details in legal representation before commercial, administrative and general courts, arbitration and quasi-judicial committees.

Labor Code
Legal advisors answer all your inquiries related to working codes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we also prepare and draft internal labor by-laws for institutions and companies according to the latest instructions of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

We help you apply for licenses from government agencies to start practicing your commercial or industrial activity while providing and achieving the minimum requirements, conditions and standards, according to the procedure of each government entity.

Debt Collection
We save time and effort on behalf of companies in collecting money through legal settlement methods and through judicial implementation in order to achieve continuous financial abundance. We are distinguished by commitment and responsibility in dealing with customers in order to achieve continued communication and achieve the result of payment.

We prepare legal studies about Franchise on Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries and global transformation, innovating and manufacturing the contents of operating manuals and drawing up local and international commercial franchise agreements and contracts in Arabic and English in accordance with the latest international legal practices.

Drawing up Contracts
We draw up local and international commercial contracts in Arabic and English. Our drawing up of contracts is characterized by clarity with the aim of continuing commercial relations by setting possible prospects for any dispute that may arise, and finding legal solutions by correctly drafting them in the terms of the contract in accordance with international best practices.

Legal translation
We provide certified legal translation service before official and governmental agencies and judicial courts. Translators also draft documents from the original language of the document and translate it with all quality and professionalism.

Intellectual property
We register patents and industrial models and file applications for WIPO in accordance with the latest international laws and instructions. We also prepare the "ISA" report, prepare the "IPEAs" report, follow up local and international research, and apply international and local protection.

International cases
We provide legal advice, studies and legal representation to our local and international clients in litigation inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before commercial courts and local and international arbitration.



Al Khaldiyeh neighborhood
Sari Street - Al Ghaida Tower 

Riyadh - the main branch

Jasmine neighborhood
Anas Bin Malik Street 


Eighteenth Street - next to SABB Bank 

Madina El Monawara

Al-Rabwah neighborhood
Prince Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz Road  




Taiba neighborhood
King Salman Road 

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